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below you will find some information that will help you to prepare for your newborn photo session, it may not answer all of your questions, but we hope that you can get a general idea of what to expect and how to prepare.  feel  free to contact me with any other questions or concerns that you may have while preparing for your newborns photo session.


newborn photo sessions are for just that.....newborns.... after that, they are considered babies...


a newborn baby is from 3 to 9 days old, only.... after that, your newborn is considered a baby.  if you are a first time mommy or daddy you will soon see what I am talking about. at 2 weeks old, your baby starts to kick, fuss, cry more and sleep less, so in order for me to get the perfect posed creative shot, this age range is a must.  this is not to say that I won't photograph your baby,  just that after 9 days old, I most likely won't get a super creative shot, so super creativity is not guaranteed (smile)


make sure that you book your newborn session as soon as you go into labor (joking of course) but give me a heads-up in your 9th month, and I can adjust my schedule around yours to accommodate the little ones arrival.

Happy Pushing :) 


location, location, location... how does right inside of your home sound?  yes, that is correct, I come to you



I encourage you to find that sentimental item, prop, gift or accessory to use in your session. remember whoever gave you that gift will be thrilled to see it used in a photograph.


I have a varied selection of backdrops and blankets for you to use as well. contact me for details and color selection.



time waits for no one...except when it comes to me and our newborn photo sessions.  don't worry if you have to take some time out to feed your baby or change a diaper, I'll wait. it is not about the clock ticking during your photo session, but its about us getting the perfect shot that you will be happy with for the rest of your life,! it's true... the more relaxed you and your baby are, the easier my job is and the quicker that perfect shot will come along... which leaves more time for more creative unique shots. with that said, I do require a 2 hour booking session.

my biggest suggestion is about an hour before our session starts, that you feed your baby so that they are full, burp her, then put him to sleep. when your baby is sound asleep, it will be a perfect time for photos!


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